2021, Positive Organizational Interventions: Contemporary Theories, Approaches and Applications, Van Zyl and Rothmann (eds) Frontiers in Psychology



Version: 1.0


Positive Organizational Interventions (POIs) facilitate the personal/professional development and well-being of individuals and the growth potential of organizations. These interventions draw from positive psychological principles, processes, and practices in order to produce positive outcomes for the individual (e.g., work engagement), the team (e.g., collaboration, team flow) and ultimately, the organization (e.g., innovative work behaviors). Through the optimization, utilization and application of an entity’s strengths, POIs are not aimed at fixing what is proverbially “wrong,” or correcting deviant behaviors, but rather focus on enhancing what is already working well.

This books features subjects such as: coaching based leadership, job-crafting during times of change, happiness training, improvement of work-family interface, self-compassion for job-seekers, strength-based performance appraisal, engagement in eHealth, positive psychology coaching and more. Ad Bergsma was coauthor of one of the chapters.

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